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Advertising translation

     the Western advertising industry adage: "to promote their products without advertising, like the eyes at night. "Advertising to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, promoting enterprises competitive benefits play a very crucial role. In today's world, globalization of economic development, advertising in one language only, and must not meet the needs of your global brand and expand market share. XI ' an intelligent translation company enables multi-language translation, help you to solve this problem. Whether you need language style is simple and clean, and make public, romantic or sexy seductive, our excellent team of translators are able to grasp the core contents of your original ad, perfectly in front of you in another language.


companies specializing in the translation team:

       most of us professional translation Group translators graduated from the domestic top ten key universities or foreign language schools and universities such as Shanghai International Studies University, Tianjin Foreign Studies University, most worked in overseas study and received a master's degree in advertising translation has extensive experience and profound writing skills, understand the development and dynamics of the industry, familiar with the technical terms, has a proud advertising advantage.

advantages of company specializing in translation and professional translation tools:

        our company advertising translation files for multiple languages are able to provide an electronic document. Windows  series,Office  series platform software proficiency. Photoshop, and Freehand, and Framemaker, and Pagemaker, and Acrobat, and CorelDarw, Illustrator, Indesign, QuickPress and other cartographic publishing and  PDF  file production, fully meet the formatting requirements.

        software  TRADOS (Team Version), translations with CAT functions, translation project management functions into full play, improving efficiency and ensuring quality.  

         our company to every customers who need translation for their providing the highest-quality and fastest translation and localization services. Strict quality control system, standardized operation process and exhaustive audit of spirit, enables us to offer a variety of customers in different fields--including government agencies, domestic and international major banks, Europe, America and the Asia-Pacific region global multinationals--provide a high level of advertising translation which companies have established a long-term friendly relations of cooperation with us.


professional translation areas:

  advertising, brand management, news publishing, media, advertising, advertising media, advertising copy, advertising research, marketing research, marketing, film and television literature text, CI planning, public relations and mass media network planning