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Biology translation

Biology translation

     as humans and constantly improve agricultural technology, genetics, and biology medical science, bio-pharmaceutical industry plays a pivotal role in global business and trade. This further boosted biomedical academic in the field of communications, life sciences and bio-pharmaceutical patent. Bio-international trade, transnational cooperation in the field of procurement,   collaborative development, bio-professionals in the field of international training, biology, inspection and quarantine, bio-pharmaceutical products worldwide and that sort of activity are needed in the common language. Accurate translation of bio- , life sciences translation is essential. Use a different working language of biology and life science-related fields, the scientists need to keep abreast of the ever-changing research findings and methods getting ready for further joint research.

     This is a cause of all mankind, and depend on a modern and efficient way to translate. Professional bio-translation of the participation will be greatly reduced communication barriers between different mother-tongue professionals, saving you valuable time.


companies specializing in the translation team:

     Xian wise translation company biological professional translation team of interpreter most is both at home and abroad well-known College master, and Dr, and in biological translation field has rich of translation experience, understand industry development and dynamic, in years of biological industry translation practice in the, summary out has a unique of quality control process and terms library; we also and domestic well-known biological technology Institute keep long-term friendly of cooperation relationship, ensure we of translation has excellence of level.


advantages of company specializing in translation and professional translation tools:

     our biology translation files for multiple languages are able to provide an electronic document. Windows  series,Office  series platform software proficiency. Photoshop, and Freehand, and Framemaker, and Pagemaker, and Acrobat, and CorelDarw, and Illustrator, Indesign, QuickPress and other cartographic publishing and  PDF , making PPT files, fully meet the formatting requirements.

     software  TRADOS (Team Version), translations with CAT functions, translation project management functions into full play, improving efficiency and ensuring quality.  

     our company to every customers who need translation for their providing the highest-quality and fastest translation and localization services. Strict quality control system, standardized operation process and exhaustive audit of spirit, enables us to offer a variety of customers in different fields--including government agencies, major hospitals, research institutes at home and abroad, of global multinational companies from Europe, Asia-Pacific region--provide a high level of biological translation; there are a number of companies and research institutions have established a long-term friendly relations of cooperation with us.


areas of translation:

genome proteome, liver cells and transgenic plant tissue engineering, gene therapy, bio-translation, translation, translation of agricultural products in agriculture, animal husbandry translation translation   translation, bio-technology, bio-engineering;