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Securities translation

Securities translation

XI ' an intelligent translation company's securities translation process are as follows:

1, Project Manager (Project Manager)-→ 2, translation (Translation)-→ 3, edit   (Editing)-→ 4, proofreading (Proofreading) → 5, quality control (Quality Assurance)-→ 6, test engineer (Test Engineer)


securities translation services:  

     We of customer including Southwest securities, and sea pass securities, and country letter securities, and Guangdong securities, and first securities, and Everbright securities, and GF China Fu securities, and CITIC built voted securities, and Liaoning securities, and Guangzhou securities, and British big securities, and Shanxi securities, and CIC securities, and Societe Generale securities, and Taiyang securities, and joint securities, and Northeast securities, and Shanghai Securities, and East securities, and Kunimori securities, and huaan securities, and country sea securities, and CITIC gold pass securities,.


XI ' an intelligent translation company's securities translation quality control procedure is as follows:  

1, the translation team is made up of securities professionals.

2, setting up securities translation Group, analysis of the requirements, uniform terminology, determine the format translation requirements.

3, from the completion of the first draft to the Commission draft, and final approval was finalized, even slight differences are precise.

4, in the whole translation process, continue to communicate effectively with customers, in accordance with requirements.

5, the security translation for continuous recruitment, the pooling of elites and experts in the field of translation. Constant internal and external security systems training for translators.

6, the company starts from the translation information obtained, to the delivery end, the company full control of quality and speed, be efficient, fast principles.