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Medical translation

Medical translation

     medical and pharmaceutical translation (Medical and Pharmaceutical translation) is an area of very high standards for professional translation, intelligent translation companies with long-term overseas work and learning experiences of experts was founded, is the one of the largest pharmacy professional translation companies, has a wealth of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.


     Xian wise translation company gathered has large medical and medical devices field has excellent language level of Dr and master above degree of professional technology talent, after system training, strictly eliminated, building has a support domestic highest standard of medical and the related professional translation team, in medical research, and clinical, and medical devices, and TCM, and pharmaceutical, and medical test, and hospital information, the field are has widely of professional background. Committed to providing medical, pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, chemical, cosmetics, food industry, such as the new and old customers to provide quality, low price, high added value of professional translation services.


     our core managers and professional and technical personnel from the medical doctor, master and returning staff members. XI ' an intelligent translation to provide each customer with professional fast translation services in the pharmaceutical industry, and become a bridge between the world and China's. As modern industries in the pharmaceutical industry, has a high degree of association with other industries, therefore the comprehensive ability of translation on translators in the pharmaceutical industry have very high requirements.


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medical translation   translation of medical devices   medical translation   translation of medical devices   drug translation   translation   drug;


medical translation quality control

     translation company quality is basic guarantee of survival and sustainable development. To ensure the correctness of the translation, the company introduced a strict quality control and management, a professional translator, introducing layers of stringent testing and meet our strict requirements, signed a formal contract with it, now has contractual translation in various languages and experts more than 3,741 employees. Professional translation  96  and senior revisers consultant  35 , foreign experts  27 , ability to translate 150,000 words. By establishing a whole procedure quality control and monitoring system, the company has realized the translation team of the specialization and scale, in order to ensure in a relatively short period of time, rapid delivery of translated documents to the customer, to meet different customer requirements.