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Aviation translations

     aerospace technology is a highly integrated modern technology, involves many disciplines, which includes two large branches of aerospace and aviation. Often in the Earth's atmosphere or in outer space (space) flight instruments are collectively referred to as aircraft. Aerospace engineering is mainly engaged in the research, design and development of missiles, space stations, Lunar vehicles, aircraft/aircraft, spacecraft/space vehicles, such as high-speed transport engineering disciplines. As national defense sophisticated technology, it deals with the various communication and navigation, aerospace power, electronics, automation, hardware technology, engineering thermodynamics, mechanics of materials and other aspects.


    XI ' an intelligent translation company translation working group to deal with translation projects in these areas, and regularly refer to the individual standards glossary is given by the Working Group, to ensure that the translation is accurate. For many years, we as a Xian, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to several aviation-related companies and enterprises a professional translation service and first-class quality for the customer consistent high praise. With China's accession to the WTO, China's aviation industry is constantly open to foreign investment, international exchange is also increasing. So wise translations is also active in the quality of translation services for Chinese enterprises to participate in international competition. Our company's basic requirements for Aerospace translation is as follows:


1. translation of international:  of the aerospace industry (especially in the English translation) must pay attention to international standards, with international standards.

2. currency: the aerospace development with each passing day, each year will have a lot of new words and new terms. This requires the aerospace translation must be taken.

3. professional and accurate: Aerospace is a high-precision industry. Aircraft and other complex products require a detailed description of its operation, support and maintenance. Alain Enthoven translation must be accurate, professional and standard.

     XI ' an intelligent translation companies of the aerospace industry's latest developments and terminology have deep understanding, no matter how high its quality, capacity, we have an efficient translation project management to meet the needs of many customers. The translators of our company with excellent translation, to ensure each aerospace quality on their translation projects.