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                        The Happy  Prince

   High above the city, on a tall column, stood the statue of the Happy Prince . He was gilded all over with thin leaves of fine gold, for eyes he had two  bright sapphires, and a larger red ruby glowed on his sword-hilt.

   He was very much admired, indeed. "He is as beautiful as a weathercock,"  remarked one of the Town Councilors who wished to gain a reputation for having artistic  tastes; "only not quite so useful," he added, fearing lest people should think him unpractical,  which he really was not.

   "Why cannot you be like the Happy Prince?"  asked a sensible mother of her little boy who was crying for the moon."  The Happy Price never dreams of crying for anything."     

   "I''m glad that there is someone in the world who is quite happy."  muttered a disappointed man as he gazed at the wonderful statue.

   "He looks just like an angel, "said the Charity Children as they came out  of the cathedral in their bright scarlet cloaks,and   their clean white pinafores.

   "How do you know?"  said the Mathematical Master, "you have never seen one."

   "Ah! but we have, in our dreams," answered the children; and the Mathematical  Master frowned and looked very severe, for he did not approve of children dreaming.

One night there flew over the city a little Swallow . His friends had gone to Egypt six weeks before, but he had stayed behind, for he was  in love with the most beautiful Reed. He had met her early in the spring as he  was flying down the river after a big yellow moth, and had been so attracted by  her slender waist that he had stopped to talk to her.

   "Shall I love you?"  said the Swallow, who liked to come to the point at once, and the Reed made him  a low bow. So he flew round and round her, touching the water with his wings,  and making silver ripples. This was his courtship, and it lasted all through the summer.

   "It is a ridiculous attachment," twittered the other swallows. "She has no money  but too many relations; and indeed ,the river was quite full of Reeds. Then when the  Autumn came, they all flew away.

   After they had gone ,he felt lonely, and began to tire of his lady-love. " She has no conversation," he said. " and I am afraid that she is a coquette, for  she is always flirting with the wind."  And certainly, whenever the wind blew, the Reed made the most graceful curtsies," I admit  that she is domestic," he continued, "but I love travelling and my wife, consequently,  should love travelling also.    


_                           the happy Prince  

    as in a column above the happy Prince, stands tall over the city. He is covered with a thin gold leaves, a pair of Sapphire made his eyes, a large Ruby is embedded in his sword, brightly glowing red.

    he did get compliments from people. Senator, a city in order to show their appreciation of art, said: "he was as beautiful as the wind beacon. "But he was afraid that others will regard him as a man of no action (in fact he is not practical), then added one more sentence:" is he not as useful barometer. ”

"why don't you like the happy Prince do that? "A clever mother says to her child crying to the Moon," even the happy Prince never dreamed would cry for something. ”

"I'm glad there is a person in the world happy," a frustrated sees this great murmured.

"he's like an Angel," orphanage children say they are out of the Cathedral, dressed in bright brilliant scarlet cloak, bouquet of white covering the chest.

"How did you know about that? "Math says," you never see an Angel. ”

"Ah!" But we have seen in a dream, "the children answered mathematics frowned, a straight face, because he was not in favour of children dreaming.

one night a little swallow flew over the city in the sky. Six weeks ago, his friends come to Egypt, but he stayed behind because he was in love with the most beautiful Reed. Met her when he was in the early spring, when he is walking along the river downstream and flew a yellow moth, and her waist was brought to his attention, he stopped and talked to her.

    "I can love you? "He said, he has talked about the subject of temper, he bend the waist of the Reed. He kept flying around her, with his wings a little water, making silver ripples. (1) this was his courtship, said he spent an entire summer.

"this kind of love is ridiculous," swallow said, "she has no money, but too many relatives;" indeed the river overgrown with reeds, they're everywhere. Then fall comes, they all fly away. ”

after they had gone he felt lonely, hate his lover came. He said, "not speak to her, I'm afraid she is a ****, because she always follow the trend of flirting. "It's true, the wind blows, Reed made the most graceful curtseys. He added, "I believe she is in the habit at home, but I love to travel, so my wife and I should like to travel it. " (2)

                            &Nbsp;               translation of BA Jin               

I. Questions for discussion.

1.Compare the TL rendition and the SL sentence and tell the reason for the conversion  from two present participles to three predicates in Chinese. 

2.Examine the last sentece and give your own translation. 

II. translation of adverbials

1.While it saved her life, an ensuing year of chemotherapy reduced the once stunning model  to a bald shadow of her former self.

while the surgery saved her life, but followed a year of chemotherapy the once-deadly brand of showy fashion models hair fall off, skinny as sticks, lost former glory.

 While  before into concession yesterday.

2. He said no word to his sister as she passed with a basket.

came with his sister, basket, even a word did he say to her.

time clauses can be combined into Chinese complex sentence.

3. As I sat down on that hot and humid evening, there seemed to be no solutions to  the problems thrashing around in my brain.

at dusk, hot, and humid, I sat down, full of thrash around the problem seems to be could not find a solution.

  translated into Chinese, first explain the background and narrative, so even more expressions of the Chinese.

4. My upbringing had been more that of a wild boy than of a young lady.

my early education, so I don't like Miss a charming, rather like a wild child.

structure is not necessarily "more than   ... Less/more ... "Word is unavailable, to flexibly according to context translation.

III. Translate the following senteces into Chinese with reasonable accuracy.

1.Old Peter stood there speechless,for he was burning with anger.

2.Tragedies can be written in literature since there is tragedy in life.

3.A dog will bark more loudly and bite more readily when people are afraid if him  than when they treat him with contempt, and the human herd has something of this same  characteristic.


Translate the short passage into Chinese:


                   Borrowing a Match

                                          Stephen Leacock

   You might think that borrowing a match upon the street is a simple thing. But any man who has ever tried it will assure you that it is not, and will be  prepared to swear on oath to the truth of my experience ot the oteher evening.

   I was standing on the corner of the street with a cigar that I wanted  to light. I had no match. I waited till a decent, ordinary man came alog. Then I said:

   "Excuse me,sir,but could you blige me with the loan of a match?"

   "A match?"  he said, " why, certainly."  Then he unbuttoned his overcoat and put his hand in the pocket of his waistcoat. "  I know I have one," he went on," and I''d almost swear it''s in the bottom  pocket --- or, hold on, though, I guss it may be in the top--- just wait till I  put these parcels down on the sidewalk."

   "Oh,don''t trouble," I said," It''s really of no consequence"---

   "Oh, it''s no trouble, I''ll have it in a minute: I know there must be  one in here somewhere"---- he was digging his fingers into his pockets as he spoke----"  but you see thisn''t the waistcoat I generally..."

   I saw that the man was getting excited about it. "Well ,never mind," I  protested; "if that isn''t that waistcoat that you generally--- why,it does''t matter."

   "hold on,now !"  the man said,"I''ve got one of the cursed things in here somewhere. I guess it must  be in with my watch. No, it''s not there either. Wait till I try my coat. If that confounded tailor only knew enough to make a pocket so that a man could get  at it."

   He was getting pretty well worked up now. He had thrown down his walking-stick and was plunging at his pockets with his teeth set." It''s that cursed youngf boy of mine," he hissed;" this comes of his folling in my pockets. By Gad! Perhas I won''t warm him up when  I get home. Say, I''ll bet that it''s in my hip-pocket. You just hold up the tail of my overcoat a second till I ..."

 "No, no," I protested again," please don''t take all this trouble, it really doesn''t  matter. I''m sure you need n''t take off your overcoat, and oh,pray don''t throw away your letters  and things in the snow like that, and tear out your pockets by the roots!

Please, please don''t trample over your overcoat and put your feet through the parcels.

I do hate to hear you swearing at your little boy,with that peculiar whine in your  voice. Don''t---- please don''t tear your clothese so savagely."

   Suddenly that man gave a grunt of exultation, and drew his hand from inside  the lining of his coat.

   "I''ve got it," he cried."  Here you are!" Then he brought it out under the light.

   It was a toothpick.

   Yielding to the impulse of the moment I pushed him under the wheels of a  trolley-car and ran. 

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