Translation of advertisement planning

your products to be put on the foreign market, do you want to quickly open up the market? Do you want to quickly stimulate foreign customers buy? Do you want to allow foreign customers remember your brand?


you in the domestic spread of advertising language in foreign markets to achieve the same effect? Aren't you advertising phrase directly translated into foreign languages in the country will be able to achieve the same effect?

of course not!

wrong translation of advertisements for many brands abroad caused irreparable damage. Like the famous branding Goldlion entered the Chinese market when translated as "Golden Lion", the translation strategies fully expresses the meaning of the original advertisement, but the "Golden Lion" in Chinese "gold loss" sounds like, especially across the South are taboo words. Change into "gold" not only magnificent but sounded jubilant, in line with the interests of the Chinese people. Famous shoe Polish brand in China "golden rooster" brand shoe Polish, exports to the United States when the brand name is a literal translation of "Golden Cock", however, the "Cock" in the United States speaking refers to male genitalia, its advertising is understandable.

successful advertising translation, to bring customer happy associations, stimulate the desire to buy. Coca cola first came to China as "delicious wax" heard the name who's going to want to drink it? Later translated as "Coca Cola", is advertising in the classic. The same "Pepsi" is to cater to Chinese tastes, is also very successful. Korea Hyundai SUV in China of a new city, "running lion" images expressing characteristics of urban SUV, excite customers a better Association, managing "running lion", a heroic show. The box, and you use everyday, "Lock lock" transliterates into "lock", however the transliteration was expressed by the "buckle" means, and it sounds loud, is the recent translation of classics.

good translation can quickly open up the market to quickly allow foreign customers to remember your product and brand. Advertising translation when planning your access to foreign markets is essential, very small inputs, but it can bring huge rewards for a long time, otherwise the slightest mistake, your brand in a foreign country will be causing irreparable damage.

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