Web site localization

     localization refers to products or services adapted to a specific language environment of cultural, legal, linguistic, and technical requirements of the conversion process. Local user you can use your software, help and documentation, through local suppliers of software not only improves the sales of local products, and reduce the cost of international support.   From the localization of your solutions for localization ready until after validation, localization testing services at every stage of the development cycle provides proven high ROI solution. We have experienced engineers around the world is also equipped with a wide range of languages, cultures, and localization features experts in the field. Also has an international   (I18N), localization,   (L10N) testing services.      

     corporate Web site as customer perception--the first window has cause for concern, faith provides enterprises with a comprehensive Web marketing strategy.

     we set up a including  ,Web  art design engineers and linguists, professional team, the team also included senior project and content pipeline personnel, as well as experienced testing team, they are a rich source of text and graphics localization experience, mutual help groups, dedicated to help your business steadily into the international market.  

     our localization Center provides a comprehensive service programme,  to your company's Web site,  from English into Chinese, or Chinese translated into English.

     not only does this save you time, save the trouble, also enables integration of Web page text and graphics, better reflect the corporate style.

     as one of the characteristics of our services, our translators have graduated from China, the United Kingdom and the United States of the prestigious. They were assisted by local experts and graphic designers, cooperation with professional designers and graphic artists, make sure that local and other successful completion of the work.

     Web site translation and localization services include:  

     to separate the content from the source code  

     the text content of any language can be translated into any text  

     format  HTML, SGML  and  XML 

     elimination of cultural differences and graphics localization  

     through  CGI, JavaScript, Java , and  VB Script  for localization  

     use  UNIX, LINUX  and  NT  server-generated  GIF, JPEG, TIFF , and other graphics files.

     key elements of the Web site localization:  

       user interface  

       user guide  

       source code supports double-byte  

       index localization  

       graphics and publishing  

       online help  

       separation of code and content  

         version control management;


       We provide translation services for all types of domestic and foreign sites, and invite professional designers to participate in home design and image processing, provides a one-stop integrated services

       We can help you to translate the entire website, including all the hidden icons and embedded text in a graphic, Web site overview. Update the information, and all other information.

       our website localization process:  

         an initial analysis of your website to determine the parts that need to be localized, such as metrics and inclination.

         all of the text that appears in the Web site, whether it is hidden or visible, by our professional translators for translation and localization of all graphics with text. Subsequently, the new translated text back into your original HTML, this step is carried out by our HTML experts, if necessary, without your express consent, we can also change the HTML coding, so that your Web site conforms to the target language in language, culture, and version requirements.

         the complete website for a comprehensive check, make sure that your website will be fully operational.  

       by the International website marketing services we offer, we can help you get more customers and expand your business to a new, untapped global market.

         international search engine registration: register your site on the major search engines for your target countries.

        :  search engine ranking checking and modifying keywords and a description to improve ranking.

         international exchange:  banner ads for your website to create and Exchange Internet banner advertising.

         paid advertisements: paid ads to you on the appropriate Web site to attract your target customers