About Us
&Nbsp; shines in XI ' an translation company is one of China's first group of professional translation services, translation of well-known brands. Provides professional translation in XI ' an, XI ' an translation company, XI ' an English translation, interpreter, XI ' an, XI ' an, simultaneous interpretation, simultaneous interpretation in XI ' an, XI ' an language translation services.
&Nbsp;   our company snares the world of excellence, professional translators have more than 10 years experience of veteran. And after several years, gathered throughout the national examination, major universities and research institutes a professional translator and has many years of experience in all areas of professional and technical personnel more than 3,000 people. Also, Xian Ming-translation company in the industry to take the lead in establishing a pool of smart, QC scores according to the customers on the translators, the pool will be based on the search criteria, according to the QC recommended translators from high to low, a move that greatly increased the efficiency and quality of service of our company.
&Nbsp;    Xian Ming-translation company has established a perfect quality control system and standardized operational procedures, stringent auditing standards, project management, professional audits and checks and other advanced concepts in translation of foreign experts, pioneered the standardization of work processes and quality control in the industry. Strictly adhering to the professional ethics of human translation, the pursuit of the perfect translation standards, customer satisfaction success.

     I company of translation strengths for: oil and building class project bid book, and abroad file, and outside company registered, and multinational domestic Office established, and foreign contract agreement, and patent manual, and financial report, legal class material translation; financial, and insurance, and management, and investment, economic class material translation; medical devices and drug manual translation; IT, and electronic, and car, and mechanical description manual translation; cosmetics, and biochemistry class material translation; food , Plant and other agricultural materials, foreign newspapers and magazines, books, publications, television programs, video tapes and other translations.
&Nbsp;    the years, Xian Ming-translation company translators, revisers and customer service staff to work together as a whole, translation quality, translation services and constantly improve, make "wise" as a leading Chinese translation of outstanding brands. Xian Ming translation has become an increasing number of government agencies and companies designated supplier of translation services.